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IB - Security Assistant

The IB Security Assistant is an All India post. Therefore, the candidate should be ready to work anywhere in the country. The post of a Security Assistant/Executive is the lowest executive post in the hierarchy of the Intelligence Bureau. The SA is a field officer trained in the basics of all intelligence related duties.

Following are the details of the roles and responsibilities which are part of the IB Security Assistant Job Profile -:

  • She/he will be responsible for the basic security of the premises of IB Offices and centers.
  • Security Assistant would be carrying out of security patrols and checks.
  • ID check of Visitors and Employees at the Gates of IB Offices
  • Recording and reporting of all security-related issues and happenings within the Organisation and premises
  • Handling of security surveillance devices – Electronic, two-way radios, Alarms systems etc.
  • Assisting IB ACIO in his work
  • Surveillance and Intelligence gathering on the ground – Fieldwork.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Matriculation (10th class pass) or equivalent from a recognized Board of Education
  • Possession of domicile certificate of that State against which the candidate has applied.
  • Knowledge of any one of the local language/dialect.

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IB - Security Assistant Mock Test 1

  • Questions 100
  • Time (mins) 60
  • Maximum Marks 100.00

IB Security Assistant Mock Test 2- Hindi

  • Questions 76
  • Time (mins) 60
  • Maximum Marks 78.00