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The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test, used by a consortium of UK, Australia New Zealand and other International Universities to help select applicants for their medical and dental degree programmes. It is used in collaboration with other admissions processes such as the UCAS application and academic qualifications. It is also your opportunity to stand out from other applicants and demonstrate your aptitude for a demanding programme of study. The UCAT is a computer-based test, delivered in Pearson VUE test centres throughout the UK and worldwide.

The UCAT is a two hour, computer-based test which assesses a range of mental abilities identified by universities as important to practicing in the fields of medicine and dentistry. It consists of five separately timed subtests which each contain a number of questions in a multiple-choice format.

UCAT Exam Pattern 

An examinee’s mental prowess is evaluated through the test, which holds a great value for university medical and dental colleges.

1) The test will have five subtests which will be individually timed

2) Questions will be framed in multiple-choice format

3) There will be a total of four cognitive subtests, namely – Decision Making, Abstract Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. A fifth subtest, Situational Judgement, will be non-cognitive.

4) Random selection will be made for the test form held by you. Questions will appear randomly within every subtest.

5) The duration of the test will be two hours. Once commenced a candidate won’t be able to pause the same. Please note that before every subset a 1-minute instruction section would appear.


UCAT Registration Details

UCAT registration is divided into two parts – Account creation and Test booking.

1) Account Creation

Before booking a test, candidates need to open or create a UCAT account. If you are re-appearing for the test, use your old account only and do not create a new one. Applicants need to use their legal name in order to create an account. It should match your identity card which you will be using in order to appear for the test. One your account has been created an email will be sent to your mail ID by Pearson VUE. It will display your username with the help of which you will be able to log in to your account.

2) Test Booking

Once your account has been created you will be able to book your test. Once the details for UCAT 2023 are out, you will be able to check out the booking time and deadline. It is always a good idea to book your test as early as possible, i.e. an early test date. Opting for a late test date will not let you reschedule your test within the test duration in case you face any health-related or other problems. After your test is booked, you will receive a mail confirming the same. It will also contain important details regarding your appointment.



  • Questions 225
  • Time (mins) 180
  • Maximum Marks 225.00


  • Questions 225
  • Time (mins) 180
  • Maximum Marks 225.00


  • Questions 225
  • Time (mins) 180
  • Maximum Marks 225.00